No Juicer, No Problem: 4 Healthy Drink Ideas

Source: No Juicer, No Problem: 4 Healthy Drink Ideas

While juicing is a great way to get the vital nutrients the body needs, it's a big investment. For a smart sip that won't break the bank, try these healthy drinks that require no equipment to make.

  • Green tea: There are plenty of good reasons that green tea goes hand in hand with a healthy Winter plan. It helps increase metabolism, aids in flu prevention, and calms nerves. It's also an ideal replacement for coffee if you're trying to lower your caffeine intake.
  • Apple cider vinegar: If you can handle the tangy flavor, apple cider vinegar deserves a home in your cabinet. It's been shown to boost the immune system and energy levels, which is a huge help if you feel like you're coming down with a nasty bug. If you're already in the thick of a sinus infection, try this apple cider vinegar brew to soothe your symptoms.
  • Almond milk: Whether you purchase it at the store or make your own homemade almond milk, it's a healthy and tasty beverage. With fewer calories and no cholesterol, it's the perfect alternative for someone who is constantly craving cow's milk. And if you have a blender at home, it's also a great addition to a healthy smoothie!
  • Water: There is nothing boring about the bevy of benefits that good old H2O boasts - especially during the Winter months. But for anyone who is not particularly fond of water's flavor, there are plenty of ways to make water taste better like adding a slice to lemon for some extra detox power.

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