Over 70 Percent of Car Seats Are Improperly Installed

Are you keeping your child safe? See if you pass the car safety checkup.

By Elena Mauer for TheBump.com

Thinkstock / The BumpThinkstock / The Bump It's Child Passenger Safety Week, which means it's a really good time to double-check that your child's car seat will keep him as safe as possible in an accident. Pretty confident it will? Well, according to Safe Kids, nearly 73 percent of kids' seats are improperly installed (even though 90 percent of parents say they're "confident" or "very confident" theirs are installed correctly). So it's definitely worth an extra 15 minutes of your time to check yours. And thankfully, our friends over at Safe Kids and the GM Foundation shared with us this handy checklist, which can nip common problems in the bud.

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Want extra assurance your car seat's installed correctly? Bring it to an inspection station, where certified child passenger safety technicians can give you hands-on help. Find one near you at SafeKids.org.

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