Peanut Butter and Jelly, Reinvented

There's nothing like the nostalgia of something that takes you back to your childhood, and if you grew up with PB&J in your lunch box, you know just how comforting the childhood staple can be. But there's no reason PB&J can't be all grown up, too. Melt Shop's Spencer Rubin joined Ereka Vetrini for a very special premiere episode of "Easy Does It" to make some sandwiches that are perfect for kids and kids at heart.

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Ever think about putting bacon and Cheddar in your PB&J? It may sound unusual, but "The Nutty Professor's" sweet and salty flavor medley is a real winner. Spencer's unique sandwich combines chunky peanut butter, 4-year-aged Cheddar cheese, grape jelly, and thick-cut apple-wood-smoked bacon, grilled until it reaches gooey goodness. "It's salty, it's creamy, it's crunchy, it's everything," Ereka says.

Looking for a healthier option? Try Spencer's second creation, "The Health Nut." Raw brown sugar smashed with strawberries and raspberries takes the place of store-bought jelly, and a spread of almond butter on whole-grain bread results in a sandwich you can feel good about putting in your kid's lunch box.

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Have a sweet tooth? Not to worry. Spencer's "Chocolate Fluffernutter" features chocolate hazelnut spread, marshmallow creme, sliced bananas, and roasted peanuts for a little extra crunch. "If I got this in my lunch box today, I'd be stoked," Spencer says.

Tune in to today's episode to watch Spencer and Ereka make their reinvented sandwiches, and get creative with your own PB&J at home!