Red, White and Blue Decorating Ideas for July 4th

For me, it has always been important for my children to understand why we celebrate the 4th of July. Yes, we love the fireworks, the festivities and the food. However, we equally enjoy celebrating our independence, freedom and patriotism. These five red, white and blue decorating ideas help kids get excited about celebrating our independence. After decorating, have a good time with your friends and family.

Flag Centerpiece

Jazz up your dining room table with a flag centerpiece. First, cover your table with a red or dark blue tablecloth. In the center of the table place a tall vase. Fill the vase with red or blue glass beads. Then, place five small American flags in the vase. After you are done with the centerpiece, children can make placemats from construction paper. Their placemats should have 4th of July themes like freedom. Finally, serve up some blueberries and strawberries with whipped cream for a delicious, kid-friendly treat.

Stars and stripes forever

As a mom of a child who loves to paint, I frequently engage in painting activities with my daughter. For Independence Day, use cardboard and cut out several big stars and put a small hole in the top of each one. Then, paint the stars with white and red stripes. Next, sprinkle the cutouts with glitter. As the stars dry, give children another white star and have them write down one word about our country. Connect the two stars together with clear wire. Finally, hang the stars from the ceiling for a dramatic effect.

Flying high streamers

Purchase red, white and blue streamers. Using a doorway, hang the streamers vertically to look like the stripes on the flag. Cut blue streamers and hang in the corner to represent the blue square on our flag. The streamers should be hung close together and almost touch the floor. As you decorate, talk about what patriotism means. When people come over, they will have to walk through the streamers.

American flag path

My daughter could spend hours coloring. For this decoration, give kids a white piece of construction paper. Then, have them draw their best American flag. On the back of the flag have them list three reasons why they are glad they live in America. Afterwards, secure the flags to rulers and stick into a planter outside. The flags will be a great way to greet guests when they arrive to your home.

Balloons, balloons everywhere

Purchase several bunches of red, white and blue helium balloons. Next, blow up more balloons and place on the walls. Then, fill up some patriotic water balloons and place in a big bucket. Next, everyone can participate in a water balloon toss outside. During the game, emphasize cheering for others.

I think it is essential for children to take pride in their country. Learning and being excited about the 4 th of July will instill patriotic values in their lives.

Content by Melissa Matters .