Six-year-old Creates Movie, Imparts Wisdom to All of Us

"I was scared of a monster, and I thought of pizza."

Filmmaker Bianca Giaever had the brilliant idea of asking six-year-old Asa Baker-Rouse what her movie should be about. In the finished product, "Scared is scared," which you can watch on Vimeo, Asa tells the story of the aptly named Asa Bear and Toby Mouse who must deal with the tragedy of their pool closing during the winter.

Is Your Child Gifted?

"I had this idea to ask a child about a movie they'd like me to make. My film professor had a six-year-old son, so that's how I found the kids. I was on a really tight schedule, so I was only able to talk to three or four kids. Some were way too hyper, but I found Asa in a downtime and we talked for an hour and half. It was one full take. I went to his house on a Sunday morning," Giaever told Yahoo! Shine.

Giaever describes herself as a "radio, multimedia, and film producer originally from Seattle, Washington." She recently graduated from Middlebury College in Vermont, and she "obsessively records" conversations and is "happiest when making films out of radio stories." 

When Giaever tells Asa she feels the same way about graduating from school that Asa Bear and Toby Mouse feel about their pool, like her school is "closing," he delivers some sage advice. "You should just just say, okay, I'm fine! I think about something that I really like to do. You think of something else until the nervous has gone out of you. The scared is scared of things you like."

Wow, this is the most impressive advice on dealing with anxiety that we've ever heard. What is Asa doing exactly, taking transcendental mediation classes as an extracurricular activity?

"I was feeling a lot of anxiety about leaving school, and I think I bring my own anxiety into every conversation I have," Giaever told Shine. "I did have the idea in the back of my mind about what he could say, from another series I do called 'People I Admire,' and Asa is a person I admire, so I wanted to ask him about how to deal with something you're scared of. I only knew him for an hour and a half but it was definitely an hour that will live on forever."

Since the video was posted, Asa and Giaever have basically conquered the Internet. On Vimeo alone, they've received 2,100 likes and 432,000 plays, and the retweets are mounting. Mashable called the video "Oscar-worthy," and Jezebel called it "damn good." As far as we're concerned, the Oscars can stuff it. We'll be spending the next few hours reconfiguring our life based on Asa's advice.

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