Space-Saving Secrets for Small Bathrooms

Space-Saving Secrets for Small BathroomsNot all of us can enjoy the luxury of a large bathroom, but that doesn't mean we can't maximize our space. Joining Easy Does It host Ereka Vetrini is Tracy Hutson, interior designer and author of Feathering The Nest, to share her space-saving secrets.

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According to Hutson, the key to optimizing storage of your toiletries and other items is organization. "Look around and utilize your wall space," she says. She suggests investigating installing several floating shelves, as they can hold items such as toilet paper. In addition, you can use a bucket to hold hair accessories, curling irons, and so on. Assign each family member a color, and carry that system throughout your organization.

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"There are many creative ways to store all of your stuff," says Hutson. For example, she says, you could use old butter containers, milk jars, or apothecary jars as an attractive way to house cotton balls and other small items. Other ideas include using a cupcake stand to display jewelry and turning an ice bucket into a holder for hand towels.

"I think that all personal hygiene products should be tucked away - the toothbrushes, the razors, all of the stuff that we don't want everyone to see," says Hutson. "Tuck those away in drawers. It allows you to show off all of the things that you want to."

Finally, use color to your advantage. "Look at your natural light," Hutson recommends. If you have natural light, decorate the room with a lighter color. "But if you have indirect light, go with more saturated color," she says.

"If you have no light in this small space, go dark. You could even go a high-gloss black. It just gives the illusion that the space is larger than it really is," explains Hutson. "Get creative and have fun and think of this as a challenge."

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