How Speedy Reflexes Can Save a Road Trip

ROADTRIP!Like many families across the country, this Labor Day Weekend, my boys and I took a road trip. Preparation for a road trip with children is more involved than the college day journeys of the past. Where my husband and I once required well thought out mix-tapes and a bag of Ruffles, now our highway adventures depend upon Richard Scarry books, Pirate Booty, juice boxes, and Laurie Berkner albums. (And that's just pulling out of the driveway).

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When all's said and done, however, once we're buckled up for safety, I still contend that there's little else more satisfying than a wind-in-your-hair road trip. That is, if your kid isn't carsick.

Ah, yes. There was the time he vomited all over his adorable seersucker suit en route to a family party. (Ever toss a pint-sized lavender necktie out of the window of a moving vehicle?) He showed up to the party in a bottom-of-the-diaper-bag, granola bar-crusted t-shirt. And let us not forget the time he hurled all over his brother as the United Airlines pilot welcomed us home. Come to think of it, there've been a lot of times a little turbulence has gone a long, long, pukey way.

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Perhaps it was the cumulative effect of our prior experiences that led me to this weekend's glory.

As we peacefully soared down the Garden State Parkway, I got a sudden vomitous vibe from the backseat. I turned around to see my little son looking ghostly white with one hand precariously positioned over his mouth. Without pause I unbuckled while simultaneously dumping the contents of our Bagel Chateau lunch bag on the floor. Leaping into the back seat, I tossed beloved Ducky from my toddler's lap and set up the barf bag exactly in place just in time for the action.

Three minutes later, the bag in question was dismissed alongside the turnpike, and my son was asking for a bagel. Nothing to see here, folks. Not a mess in sight.

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Ducky restored, I wiped my brow, took a deep breath, and sidled my way back to the front seat, to fix a light brunch for my backseat barfer.

"That was amazing," my husband said earnestly. "I mean ...I've never seen you move that fast. I don't know if I've ever been more impressed. That was awesome."

"Thanks," I said, genuinely pleased by this compliment. (I may have even blushed).

We spent the next few minutes reveling in my agility and speed when it comes to catching vomit. And then, bagels and cream cheese were served. Cause that's how we roll. Literally.

A few miles later we stopped and bought some children's Dramamine. Then we rolled down the windows, screamed "ROAD TRIP," and let the wind rip through our puke-free hair.

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