Spill the Beans: 5 Myths About Coffee -- Debunked!

Do you think coffee should be kept in the freezer? Have you ever re-heated your coffee in the microwave? Let's set the coffee record straight on the "should" and "should nots." Chances are, you're committing some serious espresso sins and coffee faux pas, not to mention going through heaps of trouble you don't need to be, as we speak! Hang on for earthshaking revelations about the drink you can't do without - ready yourself, everything you know is about to change - everything about coffee anyway.


Myth #1: Keeping Coffee In Your Freezer Keeps It Fresher

When you freeze or refrigerate your coffee you are doing the worst thing possible for the flavor of your beans. Coffee is the ultimate aroma absorber and despite your best zip locking, the smells in your fridge or freezer will be absorbed by your coffee. Onion flavored coffee doesn't taste that great! Coffee also absorbes moisture when it's in the fridge/freezer. No matter how well it's sealed the coffee will pick up moisture, especially coming in and out of your freezer. For best results keep your coffee in a sealed container out of direct sunlight.

coffee beanscoffee beans

Myth #2: Reheating Coffee In The Microwave Ain't So Bad

One of the cardinal sins in the Kingdom of Coffeedom is reheating coffee in the microwave, and here's why. Aroma and flavor are destroyed by the chemical breakdown in the cooling and re-heating process. There will be an increase in acidity in your coffee cup and you might taste the oils in the coffee that turn rancid if left cold long enough.

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ground coffeeground coffee

Myth #3: The Stronger The Coffee, The Better It Tastes

Just as in math, architecture and art there is a Golden Ratio for making the perfect cup of coffee. Use one tablespoon of coffee for each cup of coffee you are brewing. Great art, like great coffee, demands that some rules are meant to be broken... but starting with this ratio will help you on your way to making a great cup.

ground coffeeground coffee

Myth #4: Coffee Is Bad For Your Health

This myth is debated, researched and argued by coffee professionals and nutritionists. Read this Huffington Post article to weigh in on the debate. There is ample evidence for and against the benefits of coffee, but coffee has been linked to the reduced likely hood of type 2 diabetes, Parkinson's disease, dementia and has been known to reduce the likelihood of skin and prostate cancer as well as strokes. Let's drink to that!


Myth #5: Espresso Has More Caffeine Then Filter Coffee

For most parents, a morning espresso or cup of coffee is a life saver. So which one has more caffeine? Average espresso shots have between 30 and 50 mg of caffeine while a 12 oz cup of coffee can have as much as 200 mg of caffeine! The reason is the brew time. When making an espresso, the water is in contact with the ground coffee for 20-30 seconds, but when drip coffee is brewing the water is in contact with the coffee for about four minutes, which means it has time to absorb much more caffeine.

-By Kristy Carlson
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