Stress-free Three-ingredient Desserts for the Holidays

Chocolate truffles in a bowlIt's holiday season, which means lots of good food--and, of course, dessert. Chef Jill Davie joins Easy Does It host Ereka Vetrini for some sweet talk about easy-to-make no-bake desserts with only three ingredients.

Check out these three great recipes:

Grapefruit sorbet

• Frozen grapefruits
• Orange blossom honey (or other high-quality honey)
• Fresh mint or basil

Let grapefruits thaw for an hour before cutting. Remove both sides of the grapefruit, then using the tip of your knife, work around the outside to remove the rind. Dice the grapefruit, working around the center of the fruit. Then take the fresh mint to make a chiffonade by rolling the leaves into a cigar shape and then drawing your knife to make little strips. Layer the grapefruit and the mint in a glass or bowl and drizzle honey on top.

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Truffle bombs

• Toasted nuts
• High-quality cocoa powder
• Agave nectar

Place the nuts in a food processor and pulse until chunky. Add the cocoa powder and pulse until the cocoa and nuts are completely combined. Then add agave, a little at a time, pulsing until the mixture achieves the consistency of a batter.

For ease of rolling the truffles, wear gloves - and spray them with cooking oil so that the chocolate does not adhere to them. Then roll the mixture into small balls and dip each truffle with cocoa powder. Place in a gift box if desired.

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Freestyle cheesecake

• Cream cheese
• Sour cream
• Brown sugar or other high-quality sweetener

Mix the sugar into the sour cream until the mixture is creamy. Then, whip the mixture with softened, room-temperature cream cheese. Pour into ramekins and place them in the refrigerator until set. Then serve and enjoy.

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