Tips to Make At-Home Hair Color Last

Keep hair color looking vibrant.Coloring your hair at home is a convenient and inexpensive way to change your look. However, at-home color might only last a few weeks or a couple of months depending on how well you take care of your hair. One of the most important things to remember when coloring your hair is that the coloring process does damage your hair and can make strands vulnerable to heat damage and breakage. If you want your hair to stay soft and shiny - and prevent color from fading - you'll need to use certain hair care products and even modify your hair care routine.

Here are some useful tips for making at-home color last:

1. Use the right shampoo and conditioner. Look for the shampoos and conditioners designed for color treated hair. These hair care products contain ingredients that won't strip your hair of the hair dye and will moisturize your hair and scalp to protect it from further damage. Using shampoos and conditioners designed for normal hair types can make that color fade fast. Stick with milder shampoos that don't contain sodium chloride or sulfates.

2. Give yourself a glossing treatment. At-home gloss kits are easy to apply and can prevent your hair color from fading. Glosses and glazes add a coating of moisturizing and color-protecting ingredients to your strands to keep it looking shiny and smooth.

3. Wash your hair less often. Washing your hair every day will make color fade faster. If you can help it, wash your hair every other day or once every two days. Avoid washing hair in very hot water because this can strip your hair of moisture and make color treated hair even more dry and frizzy. Wash and condition your hair just a few times a week and you'll find that your color lasts that much longer.

4. Use a deep conditioner once a week. Moisture will help to protect your hair and keep it looking smooth and shiny. At-home color can last longer when you keep your hair in great condition and your scalp hydrated. Using a deep conditioner before you apply the color can help your strands absorb the color more evenly.

5. Avoid excessive sun exposure. The sun's damaging UV rays can make color fade and leave your hair very dry, brittle, and lifeless. If you do plan on spending the day in the sun, use a good hair sunscreen or heat protectant spray that acts as a barrier against the harmful UV rays and your strands.

Content by Sabah Karimi .