Unexpected Spring Break Ideas

Unexpected Spring Break IdeasWant to get away with your family? Looking to make spring break less of a headache and more of a vacation? PeterGreenberg.com correspondent Alyssa Caverley joins Easy Does It host Ereka Vetrini with some unexpected spring break ideas.

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According to Caverley, the best way to have a great spring break is to think outside the box. While you may at first think about taking a trip to a place like Cancun, Caverley suggests reconsidering. "It's boring, you're not going to have the time of your life, it's just going to be another vacation."

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One of the options she suggests to make your vacation more exciting is to visit Iceland. "Iceland Air has some great deals," explains Caverley, "It's not as inaccessible as you think." Your family can go dog sledding, visit hot springs, and watch the Northern Lights.

Caverley suggests that families who want to take a trip to Europe might want to instead check out the Azores. These nine islands are located between the East Coast and Europe. "Again, easy to get to, and there is so much culture there. You have World Heritage sites there, there's hiking, there's mountain climbing, there's snorkeling. You can get everything there," she says.

Families that prefer to travel domestically also have interesting options. If you are going to Florida, as an alternative to the popular destinations of Orlando or Miami, your family can visit the Emerald Coast. "There are beautiful white sand beaches there," explains Caverley.

If you don't want to go to a warm destination and you would rather to hit the slopes with your family, Caverley recommends visiting Mammoth Mountain in California. She notes, "It has the longest ski season in America, and it's absolutely beautiful."

On a budget? Caverley points out that you can stay close to your own neighborhood and still have a fun vacation by taking what she calls "one-tank trips." For example, a family living near New York City could travel to Pennsylvania Dutch country. "Now that is an experience all in itself. It's so educational for your kids, too, because they're seeing a different side of life. And you're explaining to them how not everybody lives the same way," she says.

Finally, Caverley suggests that families look into what is known as "voluntourism," or volunteering while on vacation. Check out the American Hiking Society, which sets up domestic voluntourism trips. Families that wish to make a bit more of a commitment can consider international voluntourism through an organization like Globe Aware. Caverley's family recently went to Malaysia, where they helped out at an elephant sanctuary.

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