5 Tips for Defrosting Your Frozen Turkey

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Sixty-nine percent of people buy their birds frozen, according to a poll by the National Turkey Federation. These 5 tips will help cut down on thaw and prep time for your basic Butterball.

1. Get Your Fridge Ready.
Sit your bird in a sturdy pan that won't leak and cross-contaminate other foods.
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2. Kill Two Birds with One Stone.
Marinate your turkey during its last three hours of defrosting time. That's when it's supple and ready to soak up whatever seasonings your heart desires, be it soy sauce and ginger or lemon, olive oil and herbs.
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3. Give it a Brining Bath.
That's 1 1/2 cups kosher salt dissolved in 2 gallons of cold tap water. Change the brine every 30 minutes. We tried this in our test kitchen with a 16-pounder-and shaved the thaw time from seven hours to four!
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4. No Room In There?
No problem. Let your turkey chill with the cool crowd. Replicate fridge-like conditions and thaw it in an ice-filled beer cooler.
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5. Finish Off the Job In the Microwave.
If your bird's still partially frozen come roasting time, cut off the leg/thigh portion, microwave the white and dark meat separately, then lean them right back on the body before roasting.
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By Melissa Clark | Photography by Kang Kim

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