Big Bite Taste Test: Thanksgiving Sides in a Box

Looking for shortcuts? We tested dozens of store-bought Thanksgiving sides from the grocery store-go ahead, fool your guests with these winners.

BEST STUFFING: Stove Top Stuffing Mix Turkey Flavor
Judges gave this old standby top marks for flavor and texture: "It tastes like it came from the center of the turkey."
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BEST CREAMED SPINACH: Stouffer's Creamed Spinach
Tasters loved the "creamy, buttery" texture and "big, leafy" spinach pieces in this simple comfort food.
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BEST PUMPKIN PIE: Mrs. Smith's Hearty Pumpkin Pie
This tasty pie stood out over bland competitors for its "cinnamon-nutmeg kick" and "supercreamy" texture.
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BEST MASHED POTATOES: Idahoan Buttery Yukon Gold
Testers said the superbuttery spuds seem "lightly whipped" and praised the "actual pieces of potato"-the mix is made with potato chunks, not flakes.
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BEST GRAVY: Boston Market Roasted Turkey Gravy
Judges said this jarred version from the popular restaurant chain "tastes like real pan drippings," with "great oniony flavor."
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BEST DINNER ROLLS: Alexia French Rolls
Tasters said they're "just like a bakery's-crusty on the outside, doughy on the inside." (
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By Courtney Balestier | Photography by Levi Brown

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