Did you know the average Thanksgiving dinner is 3,000 calories?

That's right. 3,000 calories! If that makes you rethink your menu, Hungry Girl's got some swapped-out versions of family classics that have WAY less fat and calories than the old-school originals...

Instead of green bean casserole, make...
Rockin' Lean Bean Casserole!

C'mon, this classic is a VEGGIE dish, yet it can be crazy-high in calories.
We brought down the stats on this favorite--down to where a vegetable-based side dish should be. And it STILL tastes creamy and delicious.

Instead of candied sweet potatoes, make...
I Can't Believe It's Not Sweet Potato Pie!

Sweet potatoes are great, but butternut squash is lighter and tastes almost exactly
the same. We're dressing up our squash in marshmallows and syrup... we're just doing it OUR way. Nobody will complain once they get a fork into this stuff.

Instead of fatty mashed potatoes, make...
Miracle Mashies!

It's just not Thanksgiving without a big pile of fluffy mashed
spuds on your plate. And we're not about to shun tradition. We're only
tweaking it a little. Heads up! Once you try potatoes like this, you may
find yourself making them year round.

Instead of boring cornbread, make...
Cheesy-Good Cornbread Muffins!

Cornbread is a CLASSIC side dish, and our version is super-tasty, moist, and cheesy. Starchy sides can get us into calorie trouble... but not these babies. They'll probably become a staple at your holiday table.

Instead of canned jellied cranberries, make...
Kickin' Cranberry Sauce!

Not only is this 18 times classier and fancier-looking than the cran-in-a-can, it's also WAY lower in calories. (There's so much sugar in that other stuff!) Impress you relatives and salvage your waistline in one fell swoop!

Instead of stuffing soaked in butter, make...
Save-the-Day Stuffing!

Yes, yes, we realize that to purists, stuffing must be stuffed INSIDE of something, but since when are we purists? PLUS, if you make this with veggie broth, it's vegetarian-friendly! Score.

Instead of super-heavy pumpkin pie, make...
Too-Good-To-Deny Pumpkin Pie!

We love pumpkin EVERYTHNG, but especially pumpkin pie. This
no-guilt version does not skimp on flavor at ALL, is seated on a fiber-packed crust, and is SO low in calories that your family will be
giving thanks to you for making it.


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