The Best Restaurants Nationwide for Dining Out This Thanksgiving

If you're anything like me, your cooking repertoire consists of different types of cereal, and whether you're going to use soy or skim this time. Unfortunately, come Thanksgiving, we can't all go home to mom, and I doubt our friends would be too thrilled if you invited them over for a feast of Fruit Loops. (And if you would be...wanna be friends?) It might be a good idea to go the lazy/awesome route, and get dressed up for a nice Thanksgiving meal in a restaurant. If you're stuck in the area with nary a potholder or the knowledge of what a potholder is (hint: they hold pots), here are our top five reservation musts this Thanksgiving.

Gordon Ramsay at The London

If you want to be slightly ironic (and we know New Yorkers love some good irony), try having your Thanksgiving dinner at The London. The address is 151 W. 54th St; you might not get turkey and gravy, but you will get seriously yummy French cuisine (like baked fluke with almond bread). We know... having Thanksgiving dinner at The London, eating French food...just call us women of the world.

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The Cafe Rodeo at the Luxe Hotel Beverly Hills

If you're a Cali kid looking for food you didn't mess up yourself, try Cafe Rodeo. They're offering a pre-fixed three course Thanksgiving meal for just $45. Delicious, and just really, really chic. 360 N. Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills is the address, and you can go from 4-10:30 pm.

Spirit of Chicago Thanksgiving Dinner Cruise

If you find yourself in Chicago this Thanksgiving, take a beautiful scenic cruise, and let people cook for you! For just $65.90, you can step aboard a replica of The Mayflower (intense, I know), and enjoy a hearty, real-life turkey dinner that will remind you of home...just a home on The Mayflower.

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If you're in the Miami area this year, throw caution to the wind and go seafood. Turkey is overrated, anyway. Wear your sweetest sundress, and enjoy their wood-roasted shrimp, oysters, and snapper. Not to mention the insanely beautiful view of the Biscayne Bay. Baleen is located at 4 Grove Isle Drive. Who were the pilgrims, again?

Chez Lucienne

Still in New York because you're poor (ahem, I know what that's like)? Trek it up to Harlem for a delicious Thanksgiving dinner at Chez Lucienne at 125th and Lenox. For $29.95, you get an appetizer, full Thanksgiving meal, plus dessert. Because Easy Mac does not a Thanksgiving meal make.

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