Kirstie Talks Dating, Gets a Permanent Tattoo on TV!

Kirstie Alley with Ellen

Kirstie Alley is dancing up a storm on TV -- and looking for love. She's been busy dating, and told Ellen all about her interesting love life.

"I will choose my own guy to go out with, and I choose psychos, players," joked Kirstie. Ellen offered her own dating advice, saying, "Whatever you're attracted to -- go to the opposite of that. Like if they're --"

"Ugly men?" said Kirstie.

"No," said Ellen.

"I'm thinking ugly men might be the solution, Ellen, seriously!" she laughed, adding, "If you're ugly give me a call."

On turning 61 and what she wants for her birthday, Kirstie said, "For my birthday I want an Aston Martin and a tattoo," said Kirstie." If some guy will buy me an Aston Martin, I don't care if he's ugly. I don't care if he is a serial killer. Seriously, if he comes up with a car, I'm his. So I want that and I want a tattoo."

"You want a new Aston Martin or a vintage Aston Martin?" asked Ellen.

"I think I want new. If I was offered a vintage I wouldn't turn it down," said Kirstie.

Ellen was able to give Kirstie at least one of her birthday wishes -- her own tattoo! Ellen enlisted the help of L.A. Ink to give Kirstie the tattoos of her childrens' initials, T and L -- for son True and daughter Lilly. Ellen challenged Kirstie to a game of Guesstures to see if Kirstie would win her birthday present. Kirstie lost, but still scored a lovely inked wrist.

Tune in Friday, January 6 to see Kirstie's tattoo and more!