A "Little Talk" With Nanna from Of Monsters and Men

We sat down with the singer and lead guitarist of the band Of Monsters and Men backstage at Double Doors in Chicago, and we "Love Love Love" the Icelandic band's blend of haunting harmonies and incredibly catchy melodies. Currently, though, we're completely obsessed with frontwoman Nanna's style. A proud hat-wearer--she describes the one she wears most often as her "safety hat"--she shared with us her love for Urban Outfitters and her self-proclaimed "childish" sense of style. While she avoids heels when performing (she says it's important for her to be comfortable and mobile on stage) she admits to going through about 8 hours of makeup for the "Little Talks" music video. Nanna is dedicated to her music above all, but it's her bohemian and music festival-ready look we most want to steal.

For your listening pleasure, check out the Of Monsters and Men mix on The Thread's Spotify Playlist.

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