Billboard's Top Artist Nominees Compete for Style Cred

The Billboard Music Awards' Top Artist category features some steep competition Come May 19, the five most successful artists in the biz will be pitted against each other for the top honor. Obviously we're interested in these talented musicians, but we're perhaps even more excited to see what these stars are wearing. We're ranking them from least to most stylish. Who are you rooting for? Baby, baby, baby: NOO! | Photo courtesy of Jim Dyson/Getty Images

#5.) Justin Bieber – Yes, he's a talented, popular young man, but you guys: those pants he insists on wearing all the time are SO bad. Like bad for humanity bad. And remember that one time he wore a gas mask while walking around in London? We just...we can't. Doesn't he have family and/or a management team that loves him? Shouldn't they be putting a stop to this kind of thing? It's just too bad the 19-year-old isn't setting a better fashion example for his legions of young fans. #StopTheMadness.

#4.) One Direction - These guys, on the other hand1D <3s color-coordination | Photo courtesy of Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images. By our standards, the young Brits just narrowly edge out Mr. Bieber for one reason and one reason only: nary a leather drop-crotch pair of parachute pants among them. The boys of 1D like to have fun with their style, and certainly favor jeans on the skinny side, but they understand the concept of tailoring and fit. They manage to look put-together without losing their inherent youthful energy--they're all 21-and-under, after all--and manage to look like the types of boys you could take to home to your mother (if your mother was cool with lots of tattoos.).

Cut it out with the attractiveness. | Photo courtesy of Christopher Polk/Getty Images#3.) Maroon 5 - Why do these guys take top male style honors in this category? Two words: Adam Levine. OK, there are more reasons than that. The pop-rock group tends to favor matching monochromatic tees and jeans on stage, but offstage they're dapper young gentlemen who understand the power of a nice, well-fitting suit. Their appearance at this year's Grammys is the perfect example of why they deserve this spot. Once we got past Adam's adorable half-smirk, we noticed a play on texture and color that gives each band member a sense of individuality. Love!
T.Swift does all white like a pro. | Photo courtesy of Jeffrey Mayer/Getty Images

#2.) Taylor Swift - We're getting down to the wire, and this was a close one. Taylor has swiftly (sorry) risen in the style ranks over the past year, ditching her once-ubiquitous princess dresses for sleeker, decidedly more mature fare. And while we truly appreciate the strides she's taken towards becoming more than a country starlet with a penchant for sequins and spangles, we have to admit that she tends to play it a bit safe every now and then. Which leaves the number one spot to...

You da one! | Photo courtesy of RF/; Jeff Vespa/Getty Images; Barry King/Getty Images#1.) Rihanna - Say what you will about RiRi (and trust us, we have), but you can never accuse her of being sartorially boring. The girl knows how to mix high style with fast fashion like no one else out there, and for that reason, the Bajan singer takes our #1 spot. She's definitely had her misses, but the risks she's taken are what make her a fashion icon. The girl has almost single-handedly brought back thigh-high slits--yup, she was doing them before Angelina Jolie's leggy Oscars debacle--and '90s-style crop tops.

Who will come out on top during the Billboard Awards? Tune in to ABC on Sunday, May 19th at 8/7c to find out!

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