Get Sky Ferreira's sultry "Red Lips"

There's really nothing sultrier, make-up-wise, than red lips or smoky eyes, but rarely does the Big Beauty World of Restrictive Rules advise pairing the two. It's a lot of face to give during the day, maybe, but it's a totally sexy nighttime-appropriate look for sure.

If you've made it past the horrifying tarantula scenes and seen Sky Ferreira's "Red Lips" video, then you know that I'm referring to the look above and not the full face-mask of YSL Rouge Pur lipstick she maniacally applies to her face. It's so striking with her pale skin and platinum hair but this look can work on a variety of different skin tones and against different shades of hair, so listen up.

Assuming you've already got your skin-care/everyday make-up routine under control, get the above look in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Pick a shade of red that works best for you. I like orange-y reds with olive skin and blue-er reds with fair skin, but to each her own. Cover Girl's Blast Flipstick in "Tease" ($8) is my current recommendation, and it even comes with a sheer, shimmery tint at the other end. Swipe it on blindly, a là Sky, or use a mirror and remember to blot.

Step 2: Apply a primer so your eyeliner stays relatively put, and find a kohl eyeliner pencil; they glide on smoothly and smudge exceptionally well. For those of you with darker features, black is great. Otherwise, go a couple of shades lighter for a less dramatic effect. Or don't, and just own this slightly gothic look. Your face, your rules. Line the top and bottom lashes and smudge lightly with your preferred method of either your finger, a Q-tip, the sponge end of your eyeliner, or a make-up brush.

Step 3: Add some mascara to your top lashes only.

Will this help YOU amplify your style?