How To Shine Like The Stars

Polly Blitzer, the expert behind, has all the celebrity secrets to glowing skin. As they’re deep in the thick of awards season, stars are working extra hard to look good despite hectic schedules--just like you! Follow Blitzer's tips and you'll be looking as good and radiant as any red carpet regular in no time.

Get glowing - Blitzer cannot emphasize enough the importance of washing your face. Never use bar soap, as they're often too harsh, she says, and instead upgrade to a creamy cleanser. After you've scrubbed that pretty face clean, be sure to moisturize. Blitzer recommends using Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream. It packs a hydrating punch and has a new amino peptide complex that helps fight the appearance of skin fatigue (plus, reduces the appearance of up to 10 years of wrinkles!).

Bright eyes - There's no denying your eyes are the focus of your face, so be sure to treat them right! Brighter, firmer eyes and thicker lashes are just a few steps away with Blitzer-approved Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Eye and Lash Duo for firmer-looking eyes and instantly thicker lashes.

Diet right - To get you feeling better on the inside and looking healthier on the outside, Blitzer recommends avoiding alcohol, milk products, sugar, excess salt, simple carbs (like baked goods and fruit), and yes, even coffee. But her biggest piece of advice? Hydration! Eight glasses of water a day will not only ensure better health, but better-looking skin, too!

Energy boost - Vitamin B12 is the big celebrity secret to looking and feeling good while always on the go. Most stars get their fix through pricey shots, but Blitzer suggests eating foods like salmon or whole eggs for an easy and budget-friendly way of getting your dose of B12 naturally.

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