Leah Labelle talks street style, stage style and her fashion essentials

The first thing we noticed about Leah Labelle was that she was wearing the most unreal combination of sleek Alexander Wang leather shorts and shoes, and a pristine white peplum BCBG top, and the second was how fierce that outfit was with her awesome asymmetrical haircut. Her modern-vintage look is no accident: the 25-year old, whose single “Sexify” was produced by Pharrell, calls her music a “throwback-retro feel mixed with today’s R&B and pop,” and admits that she “tries to make her stage look and everyday look not so different so it’s not such a disconnect.” We’re impressed that the industry newbie is so self-aware and calculated, and we 100% identify with the item in her closet she lovingly calls her “handy-dandy best friend.”

Will this help YOU amplify your style?