Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir is my new spirit animal

First you feel the Of Monsters and Men's music in your stomach. The harmonies and the band yelling “Hey!” together and the eerie, high-pitched chords are gorgeous. Then Nanna’s Icelandic accent makes you fall in love with her. Her pronunciation of the word “crook” in “Love Love Love” sends you over the edge. Then – BAM! – this 23-year-old singer who looks a little like Björk and a little like a bunny is your new spirit animal.

At her concert in Philly, Nanna channeled a little Stevie Nicks action in a felt Panama hat and a fringed, crocheted shawl. She added modern touches like black plastic wayfarer sunglasses, a washed-silk tie-dye dress and graphic striped tights. Combined with her air-dried ombre hair, leather wrap bracelets, vampy manicure and sweet, natural lip gloss, she is just a personal style dream.

To channel Nanna, try teaming this fedora with this awesome dress, these sunglasses, and this crochet shawl. Don’t forget these tights.

And check out the first album from Of Monsters and Men on The Thread’s Spotify playlist

Will this help YOU amplify your style?