It's Okay, You Guys: Ugg Knows Its Uggs Are Ugly, Too

By Connie Wang, Refinery29

.There's really no getting around it: They're warm, they're comfortable, they keep your feet dry after surfing, and protect them from frostbite in the snow. But when it comes to pure aesthetics, Uggs are ugly. Confronted with flagging sales and an underdog reputation in fashion, Ugg is going through a bit of repositioning…starting with acknowledging that its classic shearling boot isn't the best product they have to offer. To combat retailers who refuse to stock Ugg's other products (yes, Ugg makes apparel, handbags, winter gear, and actually kinda-cute heels, too), Ugg is just going to build more stand-alone stores to introduce customers, both old and new, to its other merchandise. Business Insider considers this strategy a risky one because it assumes that the only reason consumers aren't buying the other products is that they don't have access, and not because of the price point, brand-name aversion, or other reasons. Regardless, if you see an Ugg store at your local mall crop up in the next year, now you know why.

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