Slimed: The Best and Worst Kids' Choice Awards Slimings

Let's be honest, everyone: a big reason why you tune in to the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards every year is to see your favorite celebrities get doused in gooey green stuff. Don't be ashamed to admit it--we do it, too! Ever since the awards show's inception in 1988, stars have been getting sprayed, splashed, and drenched in slime. And while the show runners insist that "sliming is an honor," it doesn't mean that every person Katy Perry gets slimed in the face. | Photos courtesy of: Kevin Winter/Getty Images / Charley Gallay/KCA2010/Getty …relishes the honor.

Take for example Katy Perry. The "Firework" singer got blasted so hard by pressurized slime in 2010 that she got knocked down on stage. It's since been called "the most talked-about sliming of all time." She took the whole thing in stride and laughed it off on stage with co-presenter Jonah Hill, but off-stage and wrapped in a fluffy robe, she looked a little distressed. We can't imagine that the mystery substance is too easy to get out of blue hair, and we're really hoping that the dry cleaner was able to save that sunny yellow dress of hers. She's nominated this year for Favorite Female Singer, and we'd be lying if we said we weren't hoping for another iconic slime moment from her. It's time, Katy!

Pink looks good on P!nk | Photo courtesy of Frank Micelotta/Getty Images
Before she was a high-flying aerialist performer, P!nk was the type of girl who performed in newsboy caps and hoodies (she's come a long way, people). In 2002, the singer got the party started and a surprise custom slime treatment in her signature shade. The magenta shower might have caught her off guard, but luckily she went on to win two awards that night--"Get the Party Started" won for Favorite Song and she took home the KCA blimp for Favorite Female Singer--the perfect consolation prize.

2012's host Will Smith is no stranger to getting the slime treatment. Smith has won the most KCA blimps Will & Justin get covered | Photos courtesy of Kevork Djansezian/Getty Imagesin history (with a total of ten), and was first introduced to the tradition in 2000. We're guessing it was because of his previous experiences with the green gunk that he used that year's Favorite Male Singer award-winner Justin Bieber as a human shield at the end of the show. But in the end, he and the tween heartthrob both got completely drenched. You can run but there's no hiding from the slime.

Not everyone fears the slime. In 2007, host Justin Timberlake embraced the chaos and got in to a slime-spray fight with Vince Vaughn. We have to say, if we ever had to get slimed (for whatever reason), we'd choose this scenario--it looks like fun and Justin Timberlake is involved. Sounds like a win-win!Justin and Vince have some fun with it. | Photo courtesy of Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Who do you hope gets slimed this year?

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