Stacy Keibler and NBA Star Dikembe Mutombo "Save The World"

Dikember Mutombo and "Science the Bear" are saving the world with Old Spice | Photo Courtesy of Gary He / Old  …Stacy Keibler and NBA legend Dikembe Mutombo came together with Old Spice to launch the internet sensation “Dikembe Mutombo’s 4 1/2 Weeks to Save the World,” a real-time, embeddable video game where Mutombo will embark on weekly globe-saving missions based on current events that could be considered signs that the Mayan Apocalyptic prophecy (you know that one that says the world will end on 12/21/12?) is correct. Keibler was at the launch to help demonstrate the game, along with some other fun arcade games--all in an attempt to "Save the World"--along with game character “Science the Bear" and Mutombo. Keibler told us she became involved with Old Spice because she really enjoys the brand. “We all remember the Old Spice man and...their campaigns. I think it's just such a funny thing, saving the world with the Mayan calendar saying the world is going to end on the 21st--it's a fun game!" Mutombo, the 7'3" star will promote the new "Champion" product line, the latest addition to Old Spice’s Red Zone lineup. "Champion" captures the essence of confidence and achievement, and encourages all guys to "Believe in Your Smellf!" As a four-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year, Mutombo knows what it takes to be a champion: "Hard work. Strong dedication. It's about having the will to move forward. We talk about being patient and being determined...for you to succeed. Success doesn't come to those who sit around and wait. Success comes to doers who go out and try to give their best--to be the best they can be." He names players like Lebron James, Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Mutombo's fellow countryman Serge Ibaka as a few of the young men playing now who display that kind of determination and drive.

Keibler also knows a thing about competition. She's been a Ravens' cheerleader, an "American Gladiator," she's danced "With The Stars," and has beat out countless of would-be girlfriends for George Clooney's heart, but she insists that she is more competitive with herself than other people. "I've always been like that,” Keibler told us.  “I'm a perfectionist so I want to do my best no matter what I'm doing.” Even if what she's doing is simply getting motivation to workout. She told us her favorite things to listen to while at the gym are "upbeat, fun, dance-y music--stuff like David Guetta. Things like that can inspire me to keep running on the treadmill. I'm a bit of a chameleon. I can blend in to any sort of environment with any person, and so if I go out with friends, it doesn't matter what they're going to a concert for--I would go. I just live for the experience."
Stacy Keibler is a "Champion," too. | Photo Courtesy of Gary He / Old Spice
Mutombo also spoke about his work with The Dikembe Mutombo Foundation--a charity dedicated to improving the health, education, and quality of life for the people of his native Democratic Republic of the Congo. With the holidays upon us, Mutombo asserts that it is important to give back now more than ever. "The world is becoming smaller. All the pain and suffering that is taking place in this world, is happening in front of our eyes. In Africa, we believe when you take the elevator to go up, you always have to make sure you send the same elevator down, because there are people down there who are willing to take the same elevator that you took. I'm trying to encourage everybody, no matter where you are in the scale of life, to see who is behind you, what can you do for that loved one that is left behind, and if you can make a difference...[there was] a policeman here in New York City that took time from his busy schedule and opened up his wallet to buy a homeless man some shoes. That tells you a lot about the world we are living in now. You can have $100, you can go and do something and help a family." Looks like Mutombo isn't just "Saving the World" in the video game! As for Keibler's plans for the holiday season, it looks like she and The Cloons will take a break from their busy schedules for fun in the sun in Cabo, and she says that she simply cannot miss out on this season's hugely anticipated movie, "Les Misérables." You're not alone there, Keibler.

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