The Band Perry Keeps it All in The Family

The Band Perry is a family affair. The country group consisting of siblings Kimberly, Reid, and Neil Perry have been pumping out hits like "Better Dig Two," "If I Die Young," and "DONE" since they were discovered by Garth Brooks' manager in 2008. This year, though, is shaping up to be their biggest one yet. The Band Perry released their sophomore album, "Pioneer," were nominated for numerous awards including Top Vocal Group at the Academy of Country Music Awards, and even performed with "American Idol" finalist Janelle Arthur during the season finale. We spoke with the siblings to talk bling, bad hair days, and how they prep for big performances like the one they're putting on tonight at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards.
The Band Perry walks the Billboard Music Awards blue carpet | Photo courtesy of Jason Merritt/Getty Images
The Thread: Can you tell us a little about your red carpet look for The Billboards?
Kimberly Perry: Red carpets my favorite--to figure out which gown is going to work for the event is so much fun. The thing about the Billboards red carpet is that you never know what you're going to see. Some people go really formal while other swing more towards funky. My dress is going to be two pieces--a full skirt and a matching, light-colored, lacy top with a higher neck. The designer is Mark Zunino, and it's a couture gown. The top is really sheer with beautiful beadwork. In terms of makeup, we're leaning towards something subtle but still eye-catching with silver accents.

TT: And are you making a change for your performance outfit? What can you tell us about that look?
KP: Our mother does the styling for all of our stage looks, actually. The family that works together stays together, that's what we believe. So she and I went to Bergdorf Goodman in New York City to find something for my performance look for the Billboards and we both saw this dress at the same time--we were both drawn to it. We always have to gauge the atmosphere and spirit of the performance. We're performing "Better Dig Two" and the dress is a really cool show piece. It's a short dress, but the bodice is almost corseted all the way down. It's suede and black, but the sleeves are made entirely out of this really long, like, two-foot-long fringe. I kind of look like a flag which I really love. And then I have some totally blinged-out Jimmy Choos, of course! Bling is my favorite color.

TT: Did you work with a stylist for these appearances? How many different dresses or outfits did you look at before you found "The One?"
KP: My mother styled Reid and Neil for the red carpet, but I did work with a stylist--Anita Patrickson--for my red carpet dress. My red carpet dress took us about two fittings. Originally we were looking for things in the black color family, but after looking at Reid and Neil's outfits we decided to lighten up the palette.

TT: How would you describe your personal, everyday style?
KP: I'm extremely simple when it comes to everyday. I like to have a polished image, for sure, but it has to be something comfortable. To be honest with you, if it were left up to me I would be in sweatpants for my entire existence.

TT: How does your personal style get reflected in your red carpet looks?
KP: I'm not a really fussy girl when it comes to jewlery, so when I'm on the red carpet I like to keep my jewelry simple. One of my favorite things on the carpet is a clutch, because it doesn't feel too bulky. I can't exactly wear sweatpants on the red carpet, but my comfort is always key. Movement--my ability to move and rock it out, especially when I'm on stage, is huge. I've tried longer trains before, but with the three of us it's usually a disaster.

TT: Reid & Neil--you guys have a lot of personality on the red carpet! What's your favorite part of dressing for events like The Billboard Awards?
Reid Perry: I really like wearing suits, and so it's an opportunity to wear them. I'm trying to start "Suit Sunday" out here on the road, but nobody's really behind it, unfortunately.
Neil Perry: I like wearing tennis shoes. I have some John Varvatos Chuck Taylor All-Stars that everyone likes.
KP: And with the Billboards you can go more casual or more dressy.

TT: Will you be bringing any good luck charms with you on the red carpet?
KP: We're eating Lucky Charms before the red carpet--does that count?

TT: Absolutely that counts! You're going on tour with Rascal Flatts at the end of the month. What are the three style items you absolutely cannot do without when you're on the road?
KP: For me, a good moisturizer is a must-have on the road. With the heat and tour bus air, it's a totally necessary thing. And then for all three of us, a good diet is key for beautification so we love having fresh fruit and veggies with us. I can't be without my University of Tennessee baseball cap. Every girl has a bad hair day every now and then.
NP: I like to stock up on vintage tees. They fit really well and when it's a hot day out and it's just sweaty and gross, there's no feeling quite like a soft, vintage tee.
RP: I need a hairdryer. You know, on the road you don't get to shower quite as much as you'd like, and so my hair can kind of get out of hand. A lot of times I'll wake up and sometimes I don't shower that day, so just run it under the hair dryer.
KP: It's so unfair. We're always saying how Reid has the best hair out of the three of us, and he really puts the least amount of effort in to the whole thing.

TT: One last question before you go. What was it like performing on the American Idol finale?
KP: It was a really cool opportunity. We've been fans of the show since it first started, so it was so surreal. We were so happy and honored to be there for Janelle (Arthur), who's a fellow East Tennessee girl, and it was just such an incredible experience.

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