What To Pack For SXSW

So, you're lucky enough to be attending the South By Southwest festival (SXSW) this year, and you've got your music schedule all lined up, but you've got no idea what to pack. Enter The Thread. Seeing as this year, festivals are our jam (pun-intended), we have you covered.

Favorite concert t-shirt.
Get in the spirit. invite conversation from like-minded individuals. Get casual, like everyone else in Austin. Whatever your reason, a vintage concert t-shirt at a festival is a good place to start. If you feel too dressed-down, check out item number two.

Structured skort.
Yeah, we didn't think we'd be endorsing the skort ever since our mothers made us wear them in the third grade, either. However, trust us. This piece, hybrid in both name and function, is great for adding polish when you inevitably find yourself networking, and for wind.

Something warm for night.
Austin's daytime temperature may reach the 80's, but the nighttime temperature may sink to the 50's. Be prepared, and be cute.

Country-western boots.
Cowboy-inspired boots in Texas? Not to costume-y, we say. Plus, the low heel makes them incredibly comfortable, and the events at SXSW are quite literally all over the city.

Cool sunglasses.
The icing on all excellent daytime looks.

A portable phone-charger.
A good friend of ours who lives in Austin helpfully let us know that everyone's social media smartphone usage threatens phone service, thus shortening iPhone battery life. A travel phone charger (in a cool pattern) is a brilliant idea. 

An ear cuff.
Last year, festival accessorizing was all about the arm party. This year, we predict lots of naked wrists and blinged-out ears.

A cross-body bag.
Between all the dancing, handshaking and taco-eating, there will be no time to hold a prissy purse. That's why a small bag with a long strap in a bold color is key here.  

Will this help YOU amplify your style?