This Brown Paper Bag Jacket Costs $480

Last week we told you about the world's coldest dress made entirely out of ice, but this brown paper bag jacket is even more ridiculous. Yup, United Bamboo is selling this unisex jacket made of brown paper bags coated in varnish for a whopping $480.

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The ragged jacket (which we think is supposed to be a blazer? It's hard to tell ...) looks like it's going to disintegrate on the model's body at any moment. And it has tiny bits of duct tape stuck on the front that we really think gives it a "vagrant chic" vibe.

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OK, we get it. Fashion designers love to push the envelope and create things that make us go, "um…what?!" That's nothing new. But even if this jacket weren't made out of torn up paper bags and duct tape, it still wouldn't be worth $480. The bulky cut, linebacker-esque shoulders, and the awkward sleeve length are totally unflattering, even if this jacket were made out of 100% silk.

And when our number one problem with a brown paper bag jacket isn't that it's made out of paper bags … that's an issue.

What do you think? Is this $480 paper bag jacket totally ridiculous? Or is it artsy and kinda cool?

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