Fall Trends to Avoid

Dear Thread Readers: We know that you're every inch as fabulous as a fashion model, but that doesn't mean you should be trying every trend or look that traipses down the runways. There are some key things to keep in mind when dressing this season, namely your body type, your environment, and your taste level. We’ve pinpointed the worst of the worst for fall—from extreme shoes to crazy hats and everywhere in between—so you’ll know what to avoid spending your hard-earned cash on. Trust us: some things aren't meant for life outside the runway.

The Thread's host Jessica Stam is wearing: Skirt by Timo Weiland, Blouse by L'Agence, Earrings by J/Hadley, Bracelet by Ugo Cacciatori

Stay clear of:

High-collared boxy dresses - They hide your shape and lack versatility to blend with the rest of your wardrobe.

Colored fur – It’s a pricey purchase that can't be worn every day.

Ironic graphic sweaters - Leave them in the in the past! No grown woman needs a shapeless sweatshirt with a comic strip on it.

Oversize pockets - They add bulk. If you need that much storage, get a handbag!

Extreme footwear – Studded, furry and heel-less might be fun to look at, but you'll regret that purchase in a matter of hours.

Jumbo hats - Even if your name is Pippa Middleton, there's no real world application.

Huge leather jackets - They look sloppy and repurposed, like you pulled your dad's forgotten jacket from the '90s

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