Get Ahead of The Style Curve With The Thread

Most stylish women look to and obsess over various sources for wardrobe inspiration, from style crush-worthy celebrities, to runway photos, to magazine fashion spreads. We're guilty of all the above and more (we're addicts, what can we say?) and our passion is here to help you. After scouring all our resources we’ll show you how to incorporate our favorite trends from overseas into your everyday winter lineup.

Leisure suits - Seen on the runways of designers like Miu Miu and Stella McCartney, the leisure suit is a great way to work prints in to your wardrobe. Test drive one in a bold, bright, eye-catching print and be sure to pair it with sleek heels for a style that is authoritative yet still playful..

Velvet - THE textile of Fall/Winter 2012, this feminine and soft fabric always feels vintage, but you'll look thoroughly modern. Velvet dresses are in this season--for a classic styling option, wear one with high-gloss jewelry and Mary Jane pumps.

Oriental fashion - Immaculately tailored, unusual in color, and always attention-grabbing, this trend was all over the runways. Choose a vibrantly printed dress in a more conservative cut so you'll still look sexy and seductive without showing too much..

CC creams - With a cult following overseas, these creams have made their way from Asia to the States--and they're bringing all the color-correcting and anti-aging benefits you need in a light-yet-flawless coverage. Our favorite? Olay Total Effects Tone Correcting CC Cream--it treats the seven signs of aging while also providing immediate color correction and UV protection.

Hair chalk - For the risk takers, there's a fun and dramatic way to change up your look: hair chalk! It's just as fast and easy to apply as it is to wash out should you change your mind about the streaks..

Gothic-inspired makeup - Be dramatic with gothic-style makeup. We saw these looks on the runway, and with the colder months upon us (and paler skin for some), it's the perfect time to indulge in dark eyes and lips. Dark wine lips are a great and totally wearable trend--try them out!

Will this help YOU amplify your style?