How to Dress For Your Legs

We ladies love revealing our legs, but how can we best show off the gams we've got? Jacqui Stafford, style expert and author of "The Wow Factor," sat down with our host, Jessica Stam to unveil the secrets of how best to dress your proportions.

If you have a longer torso and shorter legs
DON'T: Dress in longer, drop-waisted skirts or dresses—they'll only make legs look shorter. Bermuda shorts are another no-no, as are any heel with an ankle strap, which tends to visually cut the leg off.
DO: Opt for a nude or tan colored shoe that will help lengthen. Colorful, vibrant tops are also your friend. They draw visual interest up to the top half of your body. High-waisted pants or skirts are great ways to lengthen your bottom half. And don't be afraid of the tuck!

If you have longer legs and a shorter torso
DON'T: Wear crop tops--trendy though they may be, they won't flatter your particular shape. Boxy, shapeless tops are not your friend, either. Finally, steer clear of strapless tops, as they make for a very hard line along the torso.
DO: Go for fitted, ruched tops to draw the eye up, but also consider candy-colored denim and low-slung shorts. These will lengthen your torso! Bonus: you can and should rock embellished flats and high-heeled wedges.

If you are proportionate
DON'T: Rub it in our face. Just kidding! Your enemies here are baggy, shapeless outfits, like oversized tees and voluminous skirts.
DO: Wear head-to-toe prints. It sounds daunting but looks great! We've seen these looks all over the runway and the red carpet.

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