How To Fake a Bikini Body

Getting into swimsuit-ready shape isn't only about diet and exercise. The Thread has a few quick fixes that will get you looking and feeling beach brave and pool proud in no time.

Dress to flatter - No need to hit the gym for this trick--this is all about the size and placement of your bikini. The bottoms shouldn't sit too low on your hips, as that makes them look wider than they are. Instead, let the bottom fit slightly higher to create a narrowing effect and bring the eye upwards.

Block it out - The slimming colorblock trend we love so much on dresses works just as well with swimwear! Color-coordinating panels make you look trim in all the right places.

Glow baby, glow - Fake or emphasize a toned physique with the simple application of self tanner or gel bronzer. This will even out your skin's complexion, camouflage cellulite, and give you that healthy glow women strive for in the warmer months. You can even define specific areas (like under your calf muscles) to create extra definition.

OMG, shoes - Avoid straps or detailing over the ankle--it cuts the leg off visually and will make you look stumpy. The trick? Skin-toned wedges. They elongate the legs and make them look thinner. Win!

Avoid the noid - Just kidding, but you should be avoiding sugary food and beverages like juice and sodas as they tend to make you look and feel bloated. Instead, snack on foods with high water content (watermelon, anyone?) and hydrate with water and green tea.

Will this help YOU amplify your style?