Country Singer Hair Done Right

Carrie Underwood's soft curls at the 2012 Billboard Music AwardsNo, we're not talking about Dolly Parton's infamous bouffant, nor are we waxing romantic about Reba McEntire's '90s-era teased shag (and we're certainly not handing out tips for Tammy Wynette's synonymous helmet head). We've come a long way from the gigantic, over-processed and shellacked 'dos to the country legends of days past. With the advent of singers like Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift, plus the arrival of Connie Britton's new ABC drama, "Nashville," the new school of country singer hair is much more relaxed. We've hunted down the best tools and tricks of the trade to get all the natural-looking volume and soft waves that your favorite down home gals wear so well.

To begin, use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner for truly weightless hair--but be sure to apply the conditioner only to the ends of your hair, we don't want that extra product buildup to thwart all your hard work down the line!

Next, apply a mousse like Pantene's Triple Action Volume Mousse on towel-dried hair from root to tip. Using a round styling brush, begin to blowdry your hair in two-inch sections. While it is tempting, do not flip your head over to blow dry sections upside-down--instead, roll sections of hair around the brush and pull them skyward. For optimum volume, direct most of the air towards your roots and try to let the follicles cool in that position to cement the shape you've just made.

Now that your hair is dry, use a wide barrel curling wand or iron to shape your strands. Be sure to only curl from the middle of your strands and down. Curl outward and away from the face, and let the curls cool completely before breaking them up with your fingers.

Once you've finished, feel free to apply a light mist of hairspray--but go easy! Remember: too much heavy product is the enemy. Try Herbal Essence's "Set Me Up" hairspray. With a fusion of cactus flower & bamboo, it'll give you luscious shine and hold your style all day. Connie Britton on ABC's

Now that your hair is country strong, throw on your cowgirl boots and grab your best girl friends--a rousing round of karaoke is necessary. Y'all look great!
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