Mother of Four Gets The Makeover of A Lifetime

If there is one universal truth in this life, it's that our moms deserve the absolute best. That's why The Thread has enlisted the help of celebrity hairstylist Carrie Fernow and celebrity makeup artist Robin Hamilton to give one ultra-deserving stay-at-home mother of four a total fashion and beauty overhaul. With a whole new wardrobe and a fresh new look just in time for Mother's Day, mom-extraordinaire Diane is looking (and feeling) like her best self!

Diane's hairstyle - both the cut and color - has remained the same for as long as she can remember. To brighten up her look, Carrie chose a long textured bob, which adds volume to fine hair, plus a side swept bang which instantly adds style to any look. What can we learn from Diane's new 'do?

HAIR TIP #1: Embrace the side bang! No matter what hairstyle you choose each morning, even if you're running out the door and have time for nothing but a ponytail, the bang will always give the style a polished "done" look and feel.                                                                                                       

HAIR TIP #2: Blow dry in just 10 minutes! To style a long bob quick and easy in the morning, rough dry your hair so it's 99% dry. Then, come in with a big round brush and dry the one top section at the crown of your head, and voila, it'll look like you've styled your whole head in no time.

When it comes to makeup, Diane says the only thing she really puts on her face is some foundation. Robin teaches her that the "makeup triage" -- which includes a bit of concealer, mascara, and a pop of lipstick -- is all a woman needs to look "ready". Here's what we can take away from Robin's makeup refresh for Diane:

MAKEUP TIP #1: Don't let concealer trick you! The biggest mistake women make with concealer is they try to put something too white under their eyes. If you put something white on a dark circle, it turns to gray. Instead, you should pick a concealer with a peach or pink undertone so that it blends out with your skin tone.

MAKEUP TIP #2: Putting mascara just on the upper lash opens up your eye, brightens you up, and makes you look less tired.

MAKEUP TIP #3: A creamy pink lip color can double as a blush. Simply dab a bit on the apples of your cheeks and blend in. Talk about makeup double duty!

And what would a great makeover be without some new clothes. For years, Diane's everyday look has consisted of leggings or a pair of jeans with a T-shirt, and Uggs or sneakers. To add some life to Diane's style, The Thread's Stylist Ariel Rivera gave Diane a bunch of new pieces to brighten up her head-to-toe look. Here's what Ariel taught us all:

FASHION TIP #1: Instead of sporting too-casual yoga pants as your daytime staple, opt for a stretch jean - which still gives a certain level of comfort - but with a bit of style. Pair the jeans with a long top to play with the proportions, a fitted jacket, and a printed scarf to add interest to the overall look.

FASHION TIP #2: The best thing for busy moms to do when it comes to style is to invest in a couple of fun accessories, because at the last minute, when you're running out the door and haven't thought much about your outfit, you can easily throw on a pair of colorful flats, a printed scarf, or a great structured handbag, and it'll pull everything together nicely.

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