Nail Art Trends To Keep An Eye On

Nail Art is the hands-down biggest trend to hit the beauty world in years. From bold, geometric designs to lacy and graceful, ladies across the globe are upgrading their manicures with serious nail designs. The Thread popped into Marie Nails, the mega-popular salon in New York City, to discuss the massive surge in popularity, why Instagram and Pinterest are blowing up with covetable pics, and the best looks to DIY.

Lace - Delicate and pretty, Frances Liang of Marie Nails says it's a detailed artwork.

Camouflage - "You can get a little bit messy with it," says Liang, "but it still it still needs to be done right."

Black with studs - Always a classic, says Liang.

Geometric designs
- For the more advanced, Liang suggests going with the intricate, stand-out designs.

Will this help YOU amplify your style?