Something We Won't Be Doing: Bathing in a $230,000 Tub

Totally worth it. #NOT | Photo courtesy of Catchpole & Rye
I'm a woman of simple needs. Give me a roof over my head, cute shoes, enough money to pay off my student loans and I'm set (oh, and if we can work Ryan Gosling in to this A close up on the absurdity. | Photo courtesy of Catchpole & Ryeequation somehow that would be excellent). But, it seems there are some people in this world that are a touch harder to please. Like the kind of people who would spend almost a quarter of a million dollars on a bathtub.

From the British makers of already-insanely-priced (but gorgeous) bathtubs, sinks, and taps Catchpole & Rye, comes the Swarovski Crystal Bateau--a classically-shaped tub that boasts thousands of hand-placed crystals and an insane price tag of £150,000--that comes to about $230,000. According to Catchpole & Rye's website, "Thousands of crystals have been painstakingly applied by hand taking hundreds of hours [sic] turning the bath into a real object d’art. The Swarovski crystals are all white, of four different plates and applied in meticulous fashion to emphasise the light refracting properties of the glass and create a truly spectacular sparkling effect." It also "emphasises" the fact that you have waaay too much disposable income and a weirdly high priority on luxury plumbing.

But let's do the math, here. With $230,000 you could:

  • Buy 368 pairs of Christian Louboutin pumps
  • Own a four-bedroom home in Wisconsin
  • Pay for four Tiffany engagement rings
  • Build 18 schools in Africa
  • Purchase 17 Hermes Birkin bags
  • Feed a family of four for approximately forever
  • Or buy this one (1) Swarovski bathtub

What’s the most you’d spend on a luxury item?

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