Spring Trends to Avoid

Keeping up with the latest trends of the season can be just as important as knowing what NOT to wear. Case in point: these five spring trend no-nos. Thread host and supermodel Jessica Stam has the looks to avoid this spring.

Drop-waist dresses - While these may have been the go-to dresses for flappers, these frocks do the exact opposite of what a modern woman is looking for in terms of flattering her shape. With baggy midsections and a waist that hits at the hips, you're accentuating the widest part of your body. And who wants that?

High-waisted, tapered trousers - These pants add bulk to your midsection and eliminate all chances of flaunting your womanly shape. No thank you!

Bermuda shorts - Bermuda has given us many things to be thankful for--white sand beaches, cerulean waters, and calypso music--but one thing we're not happy about are so-called Bermuda shorts. By cutting the leg off visually and making just about anyone who wears them look stumpy, they are just plain unflattering.

Lucite heels - Ten times out of ten, these heels look cheap and less-than-classy. Not for us!

Overdone florals - We know florals and spring go hand in hand (just ask Miranda Priestley), but in this case, there is such a thing as overkill. Avoid looking like a garden exploded in your closet and steer clear of head-to-toe or neon flower prints.

What are your least favorite trends this season? Tell us in the comments!

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