The Thread's Jessica Stam Has The Best On Trend Fall Fashion Picks For Every Shape

Fall is on its way, and with it comes a whole new wave of trends to wade through. People are all buzzing about peplums, military-inspired fashion, and sheath dresses--but which ones are right for your body? Supermodel and Thread host Jessica Stam is here to help, with stylish and on-trend picks for people of all shapes--from apple to athletic--to make sure you look your absolute best. Take a peek at Jessica's picks this week and be sure to stay tuned to The Thread for all your fall fashion needs.

If you're...

TRY: Stick to Boho dresses to camouflage problem tummies and lengthen legs.
AVOID: Say no to printed suits with their emphasis on a low-slung waist.

TRY: Find a long jacket with a detailed shoulder to hide a larger backside and draw the eye up.
AVOID: Steer clear of peplums, as they tend to draw attention to what's just below your waist.

TRY: Try out the structured military-inspired trend--it's streamlined and flattering!
AVOID: Fuller-figured girls may want to stay away from peplums too, as adding another layer to your look is not advisable.

TRY: Emphasize a tiny waist with a detailed sheath dress.
AVOID: Stay away from Boho dresses as your shape will get lost in their flowing silhouettes.

Tall and Thin
TRY: Play up a "boyish" build with a lady-like and curve-making peplum.
AVOID: Leave the military trend--with an athletic build it may come off as too "literal soldier."

TRY: Women with smaller statures can pull off the statement-making printed suit trend with bold patterns.
AVOID: A sheath dress will overwhelm a small frame--just say no.

The Thread's host Jessica Stam is wearing:
Dress by Carven
Belt by Rachel Zoe
Cuffs and rings by Jennifer Fisher

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