When Your Clothes Send The Wrong Message

You know the saying, "dress for success!" Well, believe it or not, that age-old cliche has a ring of truth. Whether you're at work or at play, your clothing choices send a message about you--are you sending the one you want? Stay tuned and find out on this episode of The Thread!

Do you: stick to the same, drab neutrals? If you rarely if ever switch up your Plain Jane look, you're telling the world that you much prefer to blend in or that you're in a fashion rut. No one ever said having some fun with your style wasn't allowed!

Do you: hoard your old clothes? We all love some good vintage elements here and there, but if your look is retro all-over, you may be saying that you're afraid of moving forward. Stick to one retro style element at a time, like a Peter Pan collar or scalloped hem--just not at the same time.

Do you: dress like a granny? If you're a young person that dresses much older than her age, you're sending the message that you fear not being taken seriously by your older coworkers. Command respect through your actions, not just through your wardrobe.

Do you: wear oversized clothes? Repeat after us: fit. is. everything. If you're always wearing items that are too big for your body, it can say that you're afraid of letting people see who you really are, that you lack confidence in your appearance or that you're holding on to the notion of how your body used to look. How you feel on the inside will reflect how you look on the outside--embrace your body and embrace fit!

Do you: drown yourself in logos? If you can't leave home without your Louis Vuitton bag, Burberry check scarf, Michael Kors watch, AND Tory Burch flats, you may be signaling that you equate wealth with worth. While there's nothing wrong with a little bit of luxury, try not to overdo it. This kind of ostentatious display is not always well received by others.

Do you: fear being femme? With buttoned-up, masculine styles, you're projecting that you equate your femininity with weakness. Conversely, if you're the kind of gal that needs to show off her cleavage or dress seductively, you're saying that you feel the need to gain power or edge in a man's world--but this is an office, not a nightclub. If you try to strike a balance between the two, you should be golden!

Do you: want to make a good impression? Here's an easy formula for the perfect at-work outfit. Work with simple, neutral basics like a well-tailored black dress and classic black heels. Keep hair and makeup clean and well-kempt, and opt for unique elements like a cool blazer or belt with a pop of color.

Will this help YOU amplify your style?