Wild New Beauty Trend: Eyelash Jewelry

Russo's designs use unconventional materials like beads and feathers | Photo Courtesy of Natalie RussoWe've heard of some crazy fashion and beauty trends in our day, but one thing we've never seen before: Eyelash jewelry! We spotted these designs--made out of wire, beads, and even feathers--by Etsy seller Natalie Russo and we had to know all about them. Here’s the inside scoop about Russo’s eyelash jewelry.

Thread: When did you start making these and what was your inspiration?
Natalie Russo: I loved the look of big, glittery, "show girl" eyelashes. But, when I was a teenager, I couldn't afford to spend money on regular false eyelashes that would fall apart. I experimented with using eyelash glue to adhere gems and small beads to my eyelashes. I then began attaching the beads together with wire and found that it made them easier to apply. When I turned 18, I was able to start selling my designs. Since then, my customers and the people I've met through Etsy have been my biggest source of inspiration.

T: How long does it take to make each pair?
N.R.: A simple pair takes 20 minutes. The more complex pairs can take several days. Feathers and super glue can become a mess if I'm not patient.
Wide eyes. | Photo Courtesy of Natalie Russo
T: What is your most popular design?
N.R.: The cupcake lashes are my best selling design.

T: What sort of feedback have you received about them?
N.R.: I always test new designs by wearing them while I run errands. People are generally curious. They'll tell me that the lashes are beautiful, but "must be heavy." No one believes me when I say I can't even feel them. I've started carrying a pair around in my purse to show people and let them feel the weight. I have a feedback rating of 100% on Etsy, and I love hearing from customers. They are all fascinating people. Many of them are performers and people who attend parties and festivals year round. I've shipped to Japan, Saudi Arabia, and once to a person whose address specified "5th tent clockwise" within a circle of tents. It's always interesting!

T: How do you apply them? Is it dangerous?

N.R.: Only use skin safe eyelash adhesive to apply eyelash jewelry. You can find it in any drugstore next to the false eyelashes. Just bend the jewelry into the shape of your eye. Then apply the glue, let it set for a minute, and press the jewelry above your eyelashes.

Another design by Russo | Photo Courtesy of Natalie RussoT: How long can you safely wear each pair before removing? How do you remove?
N.R.: I've never considered a time limit. Realistically, you can't sleep in any kind of heavy makeup, and I would not recommend any kind of athletic activity. Eyelash jewelry is something you should wear to a specific event. A performance, party, or photoshoot. As far as removal, think about removing a post-it note from the wall. Eyelash glue is designed to be pulled away easily, and if there is any resistance at all the glue will melt away with makeup remover or warm water.

T: What would you suggest if a piece falls in your eye?
N.R.: In my three years of selling eyelash jewelry, nothing remotely like that has happened to me or anyone that I know of. The only potential danger I can see is of getting hit in the eye. That's why I would recommend not to participate in sports while wearing them.
Photo Courtesy of Natalie Russo

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