Your Weekly Spring Fashion Inspiration: Jessie J's Color Pop Layers

If you're like us, it's taking you an inordinate amount of time to get out of bed each morning because of Daylight Savings. Add to that the challenge of figuring out what to wear when it's snowing one minute and sixty-five degrees the next, and its really next to impossible to get your feet to touch the floor.

That's why we're bringing you weekly outfit inspiration--all month!--to celebrate the arrival of Spring!

Let's start with the awesome singer/songwriter Jessie J, who was spotted in chilly NYC in this fantastic outfit.

She started with the great base outfit of black-and-white striped super skinny jeans and a fuzzy cropped tomato red sweater--both from Topshop. A pop of color and a neutral. Fabulous. Then she added a thigh-length, boxy, oversized black coat from Moka (echoing the stripes in her pants) to play with proportion.

Kurt Geiger stilettos picked up the color of her sweater and a leather Mulberry satchel tied the look together. Wouldn't it feel great to trade your chunky, clunky winter boots for a sleek pair of closed-toe pointy pumps in a bold color? Now's the time, people.

Will this help YOU amplify your style?