Badgley Mischka's Romantic Spring Collection

Jeans? Pass. Glamour? Yes, please. That seems to be the motto for designers Mark Badgley and James Mischka, the men behind legendary line and red carpet staple Badgley Mischka. I got to speak to them before their spring 2013 Ready-to-Wear line and ready-to-wear-it I am. OK, so maybe I don't have anywhere to wear a floor-sweeping, fluttering, coral pink tulle and sequined gown, per se. But, like I overheard some of the backstage staff say, I'd gladly wear these gorgeous evening gowns and separates around the house.

The spring collection was inspired by Max Reinhardt's 1935 film "A Midsummer Night's Dream," a black and white film based on the Shakespearean play of the same name. The movie was brought beautifully back to life (and to color) by the design team. Mark and James said they are "constantly inspired by Old Hollywood movies," specifically ones from the ‘30s and ‘40s. (They focused on Fritz Lang's "Metropolis" for an electrifying Fall 2012 collection--rife with metallics and angular, Art Deco-inspired lines.) For spring, however, they went for a softer, more romantic approach. The models' hair was done up in lightly crimped and teased organic looking updos with delicate flowers dotted here and there, and light, glowing makeup for a look that said "I've been prancing around the Enchanted Forest all day and I still look fabulous."

The designers created this collection with a very specific woman in mind. “We like women that appreciate glamour, and so many of our friends dress almost like a man by day--like so practical with their jeans and t-shirts--and we find that when they go to something special they want to find something that really transforms them, and that's why the fantasy of evening dresses is so fun." Badgley Mischka is synonymous with fantastical allure and dresses that repeatedly wow on red carpets by celebrating the feminine figure and dazzling with sequins and exquisite tailoring. "We really like women that have curves. The models don't necessarily, but a lot of our celebrity clientele tends to be curvier, and we want to celebrate that.” Though the two declined to name names when it came to favorite celebrities to dress, they did concede that any woman looking to "really go for it" would always be welcome in Badgley Mischka. It should come as no surprise that the line has fans in celebrities like Michelle Trachtenberg and Lauren Conrad (who both sat front row during the show) as well as stars like Helen Mirren and America Ferrera.

As for their post-show ritual, it mainly includes going back to the office, watching the video, eating a big lunch, pouring some champagne, and the most glamourous activity of all: sleeping. These two certainly earned it.

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