Chrissy Teigen on Wedding Plans, Venus Razors, and Anxiety

With the upcoming nuptials of Sports Illustrated Model, host of VH1's "Model Employee," ruler of Twitter, and all-around awesome human Chrissy Teigen coming up later this summer, Venus Gillette Razors decided to throw their newest brand ambassador (seriously, when does this girl sleep?) a bridal shower. The Thread caught up with the gorgeous gal to talk about her wedding plans, shaving, and jorts vs. jean shorts.

Chrissy talks to dermatologist Dr. Jody Levine about her skincare regimen. The good doctor recommends lots of sunblock! …

The Thread: Any details you can give us on the wedding?
Chrissy Teigen: I would like to share EVERYTHING which is the worst part! [My fiancé] John [Legend] has asked me to pull back on how much I say. I feel bad that people think I'm holding back from them but I genuinely don't know anything. We're sending out save the dates in the next couple of weeks, we have the guest list, we're hoping about 100 don't show. That's about it. We'll see! Gucci is designing all of John's groomsmen's suits. Gucci is obviously John's favorite--he loves a Gucci suit. So they're doing all of his suits, including my father's. He's never had a custom made suit before in his life.

TT: So your dad is going to look fresh to death, huh?
CT: Oh, my dad is going to look like a pimp!

TT: Have you found your dress yet?
CT: Done with that, hopefully! The problem is that I keep shopping because new collections keep coming out. I have my ceremony dress, but I'm very open! I'm very open to new reception dresses but I'm very much set on my ceremony dress.

TT: What's the one part of the wedding you're most looking forward to?
CT: I'm really looking forward to the ceremony! John and I, we have a lot of times when we're in New York and we get to have all of our friends together--we had an engagement party on both coasts, actually. We try to have parties as often as we can to see our friends. But I think the ceremony is something I'm really looking forward to. I'm not much of a party person anymore but being able to look at him and say our vows, that will be really great.

TT: Do you have any ideas about your wedding makeup?
CT: Whatever you see here. I'm definitely not switching it up. It's going to be this or something more natural. I don't want to scare him when I come down the aisle! I watch too many of those bride shows like "Those people are crazy!"

TT: Why Venus?
CT: It was such a natural pairing. Because [models] are asked to represent many brands in a year, but I'm truly just the kind of person who like, I can't tweet about it, I can't stand by it, I can't stand up here and talk about it unless I really love it. And I've loved Gillette since I was 12 years old. Literally. And Venus and Olay resonate so strongly with women. It's the epitome of a female beauty brand and it's really cool for me to be a part of a true female beauty brand! And I love it.

TT: What do you love most about shaving?
CT: I'm very OCD and neurotic, so there's something about shaving and being in the shower and doing your normal skincare routine and it makes me feel normal. Whenever I go crazy and have these moments when I feel lost--I'm realizing how insane this sounds---I just need these normal moments like flossing at night or shaving in the shower every morning. Ever since I was 11,12 it's just something I've done that makes me feel physically calm.
No bridal shower is complete without accessories. | Photo by Julie Pereira for The Thread
TT: What's the best part of summer fashion for you?

TT: You're a fan of jorts?
CT: Oh god, 'jorts' make it sound like they're longer and gross.

TT: Yeah, our dad mows the lawn in jorts.
CT: Exactly! Jean shorts are so much better. I love a good jean short.

TT: What are your morning-of plans for the wedding?
CT: I'm not even there yet. I have crazy anxiety, I'm a nut. I have such bad anxiety. I'll do my typical routine though. Nothing that I will do is going to be much different from what I do on any normal day before a photo shoot. I'll go in the shower, take the time to shave, take the time to exfoliate. But my skin is so important to me everyday, that the morning of the wedding won't be much different. Lame answer, I know!

TT: What are three things every bride needs before her wedding?
CT: We're going to do a destination wedding, so I'm going to be away from all of my favorite products. So I'll need to bring all my favorites myself. I love my under-eye pads, I'll be moisturizing like crazy, and, of course, I can't forget my Venus & Olay razor for a good shave. I think we're going to be doing one of those garter tosses--do people still do those?

TT: Yes!
CT: Thank god. I thought I was so old school. But yes I need to be smooth for that because I have to "preserve the sexy." I have this thing where I need to "preserve the sexiness." I'll give up, probably, after the wedding.

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