Fashion that Makes Us Sad: Pippa Middleton’s Too-high-waisted Skirt

Middleton's high-waisted skirt. Photo by Nick Harvey/WireImage Just five or six years ago women scoffed at high-waisted fashions. Low-rise was all the rage for a decade, and the only bottoms that hit above the belly button in recent years were the dreaded mom jeans. But fashion designers started raising waistlines and retro "Mad Men" fashion made its way back into the mainstream, and in recent years it's seemed like the higher the waist the better. That is until we saw the unfortunate skirt Pippa Middleton wore to an event Monday night.

Found It! Pippa Middleton's Metallic Dress

Kate Middleton's famous and typically chic younger sister attended a party for British brand W&W Jewellery wearing a gold metallic pencil skirt that was so high-waisted it hit just below her bust line. For a stylish, flattering fit, a high-waisted skirt should hit at your natural waist—typically the thinnest part of your midsection—not at your underwire! As you may know, Pippa Middleton's bum got a lot of attention as she carried the Duchess of Cambridge's wedding-dress train, and spawned Twitter and Facebook pages dedicated to her derriere. Where is that great figure now, buried beneath this ill-fitting, completely hideous skirt?

Pippa Middleton: It's "Startling" to Be Known for My Famous Butt

Sadly, the skirt isn't the only bad part of Middleton's outfit. The proportions of this ensemble are so out of whack that her top half has disappeared, revealing a cropped, puffy version of her ivory ruffled blouse. Her chunky necklace is too busy for an already complex outfit, and the light brown shoes with black tights is a tragic pairing in itself. If we could offer a few tweaks to this ensemble, we'd suggest black pumps, a lower waistline, drop earrings instead of the necklace, and perhaps a black boatneck or V-neck top to reveal a hint of skin up top. Oh, Pippa, you usually look so stylish. Please don't disappoint us like this again.

For some of Middleton's finer sartorial choices, please check out the video below.

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