Paloma Faith's $45 ASOS outfit

Paloma Faith is a fussy dresser. Make no mistake about it, the singer may have -- on a given day -- just rolled out of bed, but you won't ever catch her primping to achieve that ubiquitous look. Instead, every component of her presentation is attended to, from her coiffed hair (often avec accoutrements) and full face of make-up, to her themed clothing and punishing footwear.

On the day this photo was taken -- May 22 -- Paloma was visiting the BBC headquarters in London. Her strawberry and platinum blonde hair was swept into a 1940's rockabilly flip with a big floral clip as she balanced atop super-high platform red patent boots, wielding a boxy train case. Never mind the embroidered cardigan, for the part of this look we care most about is her ASOS gingham ensemble. The crop top and coordinating pants cost $20 and $25, respectively, and are still available on their site.

Will this help YOU amplify your style?