7 Reasons We Love Mila Kunis

Stephen Lovekin/WireImageStephen Lovekin/WireImage

For me, it was "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." I was in awe of her long surfer-girl hair, her impossibly tan skin, and that raspy voice. Did you, too, maybe develop a bit of a girl-crush on Mila Kunis? Did you maybe obsess over her tiny and adorably retro outfits on "That '70s Show?" Thought so. This
week, you can catch her alongside Justin Timberlake as his best friend-turned-love interest in their new, hilarious movie, "Friends With Benefits." 'Til then, here are a few reasons why we just can't get enough of Miss Mila.

1. She has the best. hair. ever. Sorry, that's pretty vain. But it's true! It's always so long and lustrous, and it gives us something to aspire to. This is a helpful how-to on getting Mila's hair look from the  "Friends With Benefits" premiere.
2. She was asked out on a date via YouTube by the  handsome Marine below - - and ACCEPTED (at Timberlake's urging, but still)!

2nd Marine Division / Splash News2nd Marine Division / Splash News

3. She has two different colored eyes. One is blue and one is green, and I find that so mystical andcaptivating. Her red-haired costar, Laura Prepon, reportedly used to call her a husky for this reason.

4.  Before starting production on "Black Swan," Mila trained for three months, seven days a week, for five hours a day. This is serious dedication, you guys.
5.  She never got sucked into the Hollywood stereotype of red carpet dressing (a.k.a. she doesn't wear a skin-tight bandage dress with monstrous platform heels to every event). She wore a
WHITE SUIT to the Cosmopolitan Magazine Fun Fearless Males event this year! How very Bianca Jagger of her.

Mark Sullivan/WireImageMark Sullivan/WireImage 6. She's not a slave to any one designer. Like Natalie Portman and Rodarte, or Renée Zellweger and Carolina Herrera. She wears what she likes. Simple as that.

7. And on that note, she always surprises us. While some actresses can be so predictable, Mila switches it up. Her  blinged-out Balmain skirt at the MTV Movie Awards, for example, was a great follow-up to the soft, flowing, lavender gown that she wore to this year's Oscars. Always keep 'em guessing, we say.

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