Add flash to your New Year's Eve with makeup!

Getty Images New Year’s Eve is certainly the night were anything goes in the drama department, so if you’re the type who typically leans towards the "natural" look, it’s a great time to try something new. Instead of opting for a sparkling outfit you can make a bold, glitter-filled statement simply by wearing a black basic and amping up your makeup choices. See the photo of Abigail Breslin (left) at the "New Year’s Eve" premiere to get an idea of what we mean. Celebrity makeup artist Robin Watson Hamilton, head makeup artist at the Rachael Ray Show, has the perfect recipe for using what's already in your makeup bag to help you ring in 2012 in style.

• Shimmer up your cheekbones. Add some gold eye shadow to your moisturizer or your foundation and apply above the apple of your cheeks, right above where you would apply blush. Anything that reflects light will brighten up your skin up and create that glowy, dewy finish.

• Create a sparkly smoky eye. Line your lash line with a heavy black crayon liner on the top and bottom from corner to corner. With a flat Q-tip or brush, smudge the line all the way around the lid so the line is “soft,” not a precise perimeter. Now the fun part: Dip a Q-tip in a teensy bit of hair gel or brow gel, then dip it in glitter-- you can even use the craft store variety. Dab the glitter onto the center of the your eyelids and also underneath your eyebrows. Make sure to "dab" not swipe, so you won't erase your black liner.

Make your lashes lush. On New Year’s Eve you can certainly get away with a full strip of lashes because it is all about going big. Before you apply, measure the strip across your own lashes to make sure you don’t need to trim the ends. (Note: if you do need to trim, save the extra pieces and use them to add thickness to the corners of the eye on another occasion.)

• Create kissable lips. When midnight comes your guy will have no hesitation about kissing a lip that’s not bright red and glossy. Go with a matte, light pink or nude lipstick shade. Take a nude liner and pencil across your entire lip—not just the outline. It will function like a lipstain. If you kiss off your lipstick, your liner will still insure you have some color.


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