Back-to-School style on a budget

The best part of heading back to school is . . . the shopping, of course. Since stocking up without spending a fortune is key, we took designer Brooklyn Boston to our favorite one-stop shop, Target, to help us put together trendy looks on a budget for two Thread viewers.

Graphic designer and recent Rhode Island School of Design grad, Brooklyn Boston, helped Herbal Essences with the look of their gorgeous new Loves Collection which is available at Target- one of Brooklyn's favorite places to shop.

When she was in college, Brooklyn says she turned to Target for everything from beauty products to clothes--and we're not surprised. So we asked her to use her visual expertise to create trendy, back-to-school looks for two of our Thread viewers--all with beauty products, clothes and accessories available at Target. Brooklyn treated our lucky ladies, Molly and Jessica, to the Herbal Essences Loves Collection and gave them a corresponding makeup palette to complement their new style.

Check out the looks that Brooklyn created or create some of your own with some great Target options below.

Blue rugby sweater, $19.99.Blue rugby sweater, $19.99.Yellow ribbed tank, $8.00.Yellow ribbed tank, $8.00.White jean shorts, $14.99.White jean shorts, $14.99.Total: $42.98.Total: $42.98.

Lilac pointelle tank, $7.00.Lilac pointelle tank, $7.00.Multi-color stripe skirt, $10.48.Multi-color stripe skirt, $10.48.Cognac leather wedges, $24.99.Cognac leather wedges, $24.99.Total: $42.47.Total: $42.47.

Green printed top, $14.99.Green printed top, $14.99.Bermuda shorts, $17.99.Bermuda shorts, $17.99.Brown leather braided sandals, $14.99.Brown leather braided sandals, $14.99.Total: $47.97.Total: $47.97.

Red t-shirt dress, $15.00.Red t-shirt dress, $15.00.Black capri leggings, $6.00.Black capri leggings, $6.00.Black leather gladiator, $22.99.Black leather gladiator, $22.99.Total: $43.99.Total: $43.99.


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