Best lip color to flatter your skin tone

We talk a lot about dressing for your body type instead of following trends simply because they’ve been anointed as the look of the season. The same idea applies to makeup. Just because a certain lip shade is in fashion doesn't mean it's flattering for your skin tone. In this episode, Emmy Award-winning celebrity makeup artist Valenté Frazier talks us through the colors that work best for fair, yellow-toned, olive and dark complexions using me and three Thread viewers as examples.

Bright, bold lips are an easy attention-grabbing statement. The key to picking the right hue is to think about what works best with your skin’s undertones. Valenté helped three viewers-- and me!--find our ideal shade using COVERGIRL’s new line of Blast Flipsticks. Each Flipstick has two sides--a creamy and a shimmery one--which allow for serious customization because you can add a lot or a little of each to get the color you’re in the mood for. 

Fair skin

Those of us with pink or porcelain undertones should go for a vibrant pink shade such as Pucker, says Valenté. Start with the creamy side and then add a little (or a lot, in my opinion) of the shimmer for a daring nighttime option. Wardrobe-wise, amp up the look by wearing deep pinks and berry colors.

Yellow-toned skin

If you have beige or yellow undertones you want to go with a cooler lip shade. A lovely deep purple like Flashy looks amazing, especially when paired with a vibrant jewel-toned dress.

Olive complexion

Valenté suggests warm pink shades with a sultry bronze shimmer such as Whisper. Show off your lips with a look in a subtle pastel hue which is one of the season’s big fashion trends that those with olive skin can easily pull off.

Dark skin

Lock in an attention-grabbing look with a warm peach lip-- Valenté loves Smooch-- and a dress in an electric primary color.


Check out all 13 fun shades of COVERGIRL Blast Flipsticks and let us know which one (or two, or three) you’d like to try.


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