Best hairstyle for your face shape

If you haven’t already noticed, updos seem to be the hairstyle of choice this award season. But not every updo is created equal. Some are too severe. Others are too unkempt, not to mention the fact that the overall shape of the updo needs to compliment the shape of your face. In this episode, Herbal Essences celebrity stylist Charles Baker Strahan shows us the four on-trend updos that work to perfectly enhance those with round, oval, square, and heart-shaped faces. Get out the bobby pins!

Updos can be formal or casual, mod or romantic. They're a great change from your default look-- let me guess, ponytail? -- and Herbal Essences celebrity stylist Charles Baker Strahan has some expert suggestions for the perfect updos that you can create yourself according to your face shape.

Heart-shaped face

A tousled side braid will distract from a wider forehead and soften a pointed chin. Start by wrapping sections of hair around a ¾-inch curling iron. Add volume by back-combing at the crown. Use some antifrizz cream to separate and define a few pieces for texture. Part the hair on the side, then braid from one side of the nape to the other, letting the braid cascade down over your shoulder.

Oval face

The ovals have the most versatile shape, according to Charles, who suggests going with something dramatic like a sleek, textured knot. Think Kardashians! Start by straightening your hair with a blow dryer. Spray with heat-protection spray, and then straighten it even more with a flat iron. Create a deep side part, and pull the hair back into a low ponytail. Use a toothbrush with texturizing wax to smooth any flyaways. Braid the ponytail, and wrap the braid around itself to create an interesting knot. Secure with bobby pins.

Square face

To balance out an angular jaw and a square brow, Charles recommends a low-slung messy side bun. Spray hair with heat-protection spray, then use a curling iron to create soft, face-framing tendrils. Tease at the crown for volume, and add leave in split-end protector to hold the wave. Secure hair to the side with a loose elastic. Wrap the hair around the elastic into a messy bun. Set with hairspray.

Round face

Add height to a round face with a retro French twist. First, work mousse into wet hair so the end result will be soft and silky. Make a center part, then blow hair dry. Wrap sections around a larger curling iron to add movement, and tease hair at the crown for volume, which will help elongate the face. Next, smooth the hair over to one side, and add a row of pins up the back. Then twist the hair over and tuck it around itself, and secure with more bobby pins.

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